Monthly Archives: November 2008

Best Demonstration Award

Last week, the yearly BrainGain consortium meeting took place in Bad Boekelo. It was very exciting to see what all the other projects have been up to. As icing on the cake, we even won the best demonstration award with BrainBasher! And that’s not even all: our professor Anton Nijholt also won a prize, for the best press coverage.

Boris and I at BrainGain2008

Boris and I at BrainGain2008

A lot of pictures have been made. Unfortunately most of the are not available yet, so you will just have to do with this one in the mean time.


Interface or Interaction?

What does BCI stand for anyway? Of course, that’s just a matter of consensus. Here are the numbers of how much the different versions have been used according to Google:

  1. 136,000 hits for brain-computer interface
  2. 69,000 hits for brain-computer interfaces
  3. 26,900 hits for brain-computer interfacing
  4. and only 685 hits for brain-computer interaction

Personally I prefer the last one, but I guess I’m part of the minority here. A clear indication of the lack of the human-computer interaction (HCI) research community for BCI ;)