Every year there is an event called eNTERFACE. It is announced as a summer workshop, but it is a bit more. About teams work on different multimodal human-computer interaction projects for 4 weeks, and there are some tutorials and lectures. You can submit a project proposal yourself if you like, or you can join the team for the project of somebody else.

Last year Christian Muehl from our group was team leader for a project which resulted in the game Bacteria Hunt, in which you play an amoeba controlled by keyboard, SSVEP, and alpha activity. The goal is to eat as many bacteria as you can.

I loved the whole idea and atmosphere of eNTERFACE then, so this year I could not help but propose a project of my own. We got a nice team together, and implemented Wild Photoshoot. In this game you are a wildlife photographer on an uninhabited island. You need to track the footprints of the animal, and when you get close you enter photoshoot mode to take the picture. During the tracking of footprints, the first person camera looks where you look based on eye movement derived from EOG (or at least, it will soon, we had filter problems during the workshop itself).  During the photoshoot itself, you should not look at the animal directly, because then it will notice you noticing it and flee. The key when making good wildlife pictures is to use covert attention (determined from occipital alpha activity) to get the animal nicely photographed. The goal of the project was to use physiological signals that come naturally and let the system react to it in a natural way. I think we succeeded quite nicely in that.

Here are some preliminary videos of the system:


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