AlphaWoW shows how you can control a character in the popular video game World of Warcraft, with your brain. You play a druid. Druids can change into animals. In your human (elf) form you are very good at casting spells, but you are also physically weak. When you change into a bear you are strong and very good at close combat with your sharp claws and teeth. Your brain activity is analysed for alpha activity (in the frequency band of 8-12Hz), which is related to relaxed alertness. When you are stressed you change into a bear, and when you relax you revert to your human form. Each form comes with its own game-play.

AlphaWoW: In relaxed state you are an elf; when you stress you turn into a bear.


  • Noorderlicht Nieuwslicht (tv)
  • Vara ConsumentenTV24: Alweer een innovatie op het gebied van gamen (tv)
  • Teleac Hoe?Zo!: Computerspel bestuurd door emoties (radio)
  • Teleac Hoe?Zo!: Met je humeur een computergame besturen (radio)
  • Radio Enschede (radio)
  • Telegraaf: Met gedachten computer besturen (newspaper)



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