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Every year there is an event called eNTERFACE. It is announced as a summer workshop, but it is a bit more. About teams work on different multimodal human-computer interaction projects for 4 weeks, and there are some tutorials and lectures. You can submit a project proposal yourself if you like, or you can join the team for the project of somebody else.

Last year Christian Muehl from our group was team leader for a project which resulted in the game Bacteria Hunt, in which you play an amoeba controlled by keyboard, SSVEP, and alpha activity. The goal is to eat as many bacteria as you can.

I loved the whole idea and atmosphere of eNTERFACE then, so this year I could not help but propose a project of my own. We got a nice team together, and implemented Wild Photoshoot. Continue reading


eNTERFACE Group V: A multi-control, multi-paradigm BCI game

A couple of people from our group (Christian, Hayrettin, and me) organized a workshop for eNTERFACE. Below is a video showing the prototype game that was made during those four weeks in Genua, Italy. It combines conventional control (keyboard) with multiple BCI paradigms: alpha modulates the speed (modulation of the primary keyboard control), and SSVEP for ‘eating’ (selection). We had a fun team to work with. I really hope we can give this project a follow-up next year!