This glossary page will be updated while writing this blog to add terminology used in the posts. So it is ever under construction :)

alphaWoW A demonstration of using alpha activity to control certain actions in World of Warcraft, developed by me at the University of Twente. When you are stressed (low alpha) your Nightelf Druid changes into a bear, great for attacking those nearby enemies who stressed you out in the first place. When you calm yourself down (high alpha) you change back into your humanoid form in which you are can perform actions that require your mental acuity, like casting spells.

aWoW — see alphaWoW

BB — see BrainBasher

bciWoW A system currently in development by me at the University of Twente, focusing on intuitive BCI in World of Warcraft. It will probably be incrementally expanded as we go.

Brain Action This term is used to indicate something the user can do consciously with their own brain. As an example: the first brain actions used to control BrainBasher were imaginary movement of the left and right index fingers. For detection by the computer it is important that these brain actions can be distinguished from one another based on the brain activity resulting from performing the action.

BrainBasher A simple BCI game developed by me and Boris Reuderink at the University of Twente which can be used as a research and demonstration application. By using symbols to represent ‘brain actions’, the user is encouraged to perform them accurately and quickly, as the score is increased with each correctly detected target action. It provides a training mode, a game mode, and free play. BrainBasher has also been used in the master thesis research of Bram van de Laar.

BCI — see Brain-Computer Interaction

Brain-Computer Interaction Using recorded and analyzed brain activity as a means to interact with or control a computer, a specific application,  a robot, etc.

Brain-Computer Interfacing — I prefer the term Brain-Computer Interaction

indieBCI A simple piece of software developed by me at the University of Twente which translates BCI classification results into key presses, so you can interact (with your brain) with any existing software.


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