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LaTeX: mark TODOs in your drafts

When I work on an article, or bookchapter, or any text in LaTeX really, it is often nice to mark areas where you still have to fix something. Maybe something needs to be explained in more detail, or it has to be better motivated, maybe a reference needs to be included.

One way is to use some tag, like @TODO, in your text, and then if you want to see what still needs to be done, search for that tag. But personally I like for this to do to also be visually easy to be found. As most articles are in black-and-white, for print, the use of some colour is a nice way to do this. So here’s my code. Perhaps it’s useful for you too. It is also a nice simple example of how you can make your own commands in LaTeX :)

    \newcommand{\todo}[1]{\textcolor{red}{@TODO: #1}}

You can see I kept the tag, so I can also easily search for it in the PDF. That’s all! Now you can use it like this:

    \todo{this part really needs to be rewritten...}

Resulting in:

@TODO:┬áthis part really needs to be rewritten…